Project Leader

Dr Josh Heitman Dr. Josh Heitman
Associate Professor

3410 Williams Hall

Josh is originally from Webber, KS. He received his B.S. and M.S. degrees in Agronomy from Kansas State University, and his Ph.D. in Soil Science from Iowa State University. He joined the faculty at NCSU in 2007. Away from the lab, he enjoys doing his best to keep up with his wife and three kids as they race between school, ball fields, and dance studios.

Current Program Members

Adam Howard Adam Howard
Research Technician
3410 Williams Hall

Adam is originally from Union Grove, NC. He received is B.S. degree in Education from NCSU, minoring in Polymer
and Color Chemistry. He joined the Heitman Lab as Technician in 2007, and is pursuing an M.S. part-time. His research focuses on water dynamics in NC vineyards.
Mandy Liesch Mandy Liesch
Ph.D. Student (Co-advised by A. Amoozegar)

Mandy is from Freedom, WI. She has a B.S. in International Studies from the University of Wisconsin - River Falls, and an M.S. in Agronomy from Kansas State University. Mandy is interested in geospatial analysis and 3D visualization of soil properties, urban development, and water movement through and over the soil surface. Her research focuses on urban development, and how soils natural infiltration properties can be used to minimize stormwater runoff. She also loves working with kids, and her dogs, Clark and Pocosin.
John Lewis John Lewis
M.S. Student

John is originally from Wilmington, NC. He holds Bachelors degrees in Geology and Natural Resources (Soil and Water Systems Conc.). John is interested in using scientific principles to solve land and water resource problems. His research focuses on methods of measuring soil hydraulic properties, which can be applied for making land management decisions.
Joseph Taylor Joseph Taylor
M.S. Student (co-advised by R. Austin)

Joseph is originally from Kenosha, WI and spent most of his lifetime in North Carolina. He received his B.S. degrees in Meteorology and Marine Science in 2013 from NC State. Joseph is interested in remote sensing, land and atmosphere interactions, and storm chasing.
Garrett Loyd
M.S.S. Student

Garrett is a North Carolina native, and currently works full time for Pioneer while pursuing his M.S.S. in our distance education program. His research focuses on determining natural soil limitations for plant (crop and forest) productivity.
Joseph Taylor Wayne Roper
Ph.D. Student (co-advised by Dr. Deanna Osmond)

Wayne completed his undergraduate studies in environmental science at the University of Michigan. He originally studied soil contamination in his hometown, Detroit, MI, but gained experience in landscaping and gardening before traveling to NCSU to acquire a M.S. degree in soil science. After completing his master's project, he continued his soil science studies by joining a Ph.D project involving soil health. Wayne comes with a complex set of hobbies and interests that range from art to politics.

Undergraduate Researchers

Mary Santos, Environmental Technology
Jessica Pack, Natural Resources


Matthew Taggart, M.S. 2010 – currently Research Associate and Ph.D. Student, NCSU

Weinan Pan, M.S. 2010 – Ph.D. in 2015, Univ. of Delaware; currently private-industry R&D scientist (Pennsylvania)

Kim Whitley, M.S. 2011 – currently Agronomist with private firm (North Carolina)

Pukhraj Deol, Ph.D. 2012 – currently Extension Associate, Oregon State University

Jennifer Etheridge (honorary), M.S. in Animal Science 2012 – currently Research Assistant NCSU

Stephen Holland, M.S. 2012 – currently Soil Scientist with private consulting firm (Georgia)

Alan Meijer, Ph.D. 2013 – currently precision farming specialist with private company (North Carolina)

Adam Howard, M.S. 2014 – currently Research Technician in Heitman Soil Physics Group

Fatemeh Mohommadshirazi, M.S. 2015 – currently pursuing opportunities in private sector (Ohio)

Xinhua Xiao, Post-doc 2015 – currently Research Scientist at Alabama A&M University

Undergraduate Researchers

Matthew Taylor, B.S. 2013

Jared Dmisczewicki, B.S. 2015

John Lewis, B.S. 2015

Dorian Perez, B.S. 2015